The residents


Chiche  López Isabel  Miele
Chiche López Isabel Miele
Isidoro  Pichilef Tito  Barone
Isidoro Pichilef Tito Barone
Bidu  Burgüeño Encarnación  Mulhall
Bidu Burgüeño Encarnación Mulhall
Gustavo  Peralta Margarita  López
Gustavo Peralta Margarita López

Encarnación del Mulhall

“... There were all those people isolated from their families: Their relatives found it very difficult to get here, to this place, fares, accommodation and time, if they worked …”

Encarnación del Mulhall

“ … but their relatives started getting here, it was obvious that they started getting organized. They got here by bus, … and, in order to spend as little as possible, they needed somewhere to stay, anywhere, with people who could put them up.”

Encarnación del Mulhall

“My house became filled with thin ropes - in the kitchen, in the bathroom - where they hung out their kids nappies.”

Bidu Burgueño

“I had a large pot in which I cooked sauce and also I had a very big one, large enough to boil many noodles in. Just in case. One never knew if there were to be two people, or suddenly there was a whole town of people dining together.”


Film Director: Mariana Arruti