National and international awards and honors granted

20 Rencontres Cinemas D’ Amérique Latine – Toulouse
Restrospective of Mariana Arruti’s films
March 28 th to april 6 th 2008

Tercer Festival de Cine y video Latinoamericano - “SURrealidades” (2008)
Bogotá - Colombia
Mención Especial del Jurado

Festival Bolivia, El séptimo ojo es tuyo

Premio del Público (2007)

Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, La Habana - Cuba

Jury´s Official Mention
Official Mention by the Cultural Centre "Pablo de la Torriente Brau"
"Vivid description of a key event in the Argentine political life in the 70s, with a very well-structured narrative speech"
Victor Casaus ( La Habana Festival Jury)

XVIII Festival de Cinema Latinoamericano - Trieste - Italia
Awards " Videomaérica" and "Salvador Allende"
"The historical recovery of an event that is part of the long-lasting fight for freedom and human rights in Latin America, according to motivation, and showing the revolt of the political prisoners in the south of Argentina in 1972, when some of them succeeded in running away and being granted political asylum in Chile".

Rencontres Cinemas Dámerique Latine - Toulouse

SIGNIS Special Mention, France - March 2004
"Because of its great film construction that reports the dramatic events which occurred on a black page of the Argentine history that we should not forget."
Natalie Roncier (France), Roger Delahaut (Belgium) and Juan Pablo Serra (Argentina).

Latin - American Festival "Contra el Silencio de Todas las Voces" (Against the Silence of All the Voices)
México - 2004
Honour Mention

Toronto Latin Film Festival

Best Documentary 2004

Los Angeles Latin American Festival (LALIFF) 2004

Jury´s Special Mention

La mujer y el cine (The woman and the cinema)
Mar del Plata International Festival

2004 Clarín Entertainments Awards

Best Opera Prima
Best Documentary

XII Latin-American Cinema & Video Competition - Santa Fe - Argentina

Best Film About Human Rights and Recovery of the Memory
Best Production - December 2004

Awards by the Human Rights State Department
Province of Santa Fe

Condor de Plata Awards to the best Film Production, 2004
Best full-length script
Best full-length movie
Argentine Cinematographic Columnist Association

Sheffield International Documentary Festival
Display Selection

February - April 2006, Sheffield International Documentary Festival
The Sheffield International Documentary Festival is the UK's premier international event for factual film and television.

The British Film Institute in collaboration with The Sheffield Festival, have chosen the film Trelew, by Mariana Arruti, from 10 films all over the world, for a tour and presentation programme at cinemas in the United Kingdom, during February, March and April 2006, which will end in a-weekend-showing at the Film National Theatre in London

Film Director: Mariana Arruti