Critics and comments

Trelew, exceptional. Runaway with a high narrative Pablo Shanton
Clarín Ñ

“…the film is meticulous and deeply human, and their images manage to be urgent due to determination to bring to light and examine an Argentine historical episode from different angles…”
Independent Film International Festival, April 2003

“The runaway from the Patagonian prison and the next mass execution that took place in 1972 have been reconstructed as if they had occurred these days and it was about a fiction film”.
Independent Film International Festival, April 2003

“... Mariana Arruti appeals to firsthand witnesses from that August in 1972, and chooses their testimonies in a clever way ... these two elements are essential to make Trelew one of the best films … Even when the story itself is exciting, having talent is a must in order to capture that power and transfer it onto the screen.”
Interlink Headline News No 3516

“With the rhythm of a political thriller, the film casts a strong light on dark spans of the ERP and Montoneros militant’s assassinations.”
The Clarín - Zona - Martín Odoriz Filippini

“brilliant and strong reconstruction of the imprisonment, runaway and next execution of a group of political prisoners during the first dictatorship in Argentina.”
Pantalla 90 Magazine, May 2004

“Synthetic, unappealable in their images and testimonials, a documentary with an indispensable approach.”
Juan Carlos Fisher - INCAA Assessment Committee

“Excellent documentary, because of its amazing research and suspense handling.”
Pablo Nisenson, film director - INCAA Assessment Committee

Assessment: Very Good
“As if it were an exciting thriller, this documentary brings back to life, with valuable material, the Trelew massacre, one of the most bloodcurdling events in the Argentine history.”
Javier Firpo - The La Razón

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Film Director: Mariana Arruti