Fundación Alumbrar (en)

Fundación Alumbrar is a cultural non-profit organization founded on April 10th, 1995.

Its aim is every activity tending to the promotion and development of:

  • tasks related to the making of documentaries, fiction, short or full-length films.
  • tasks related to research in social, political and economics areas.

Fundación Alumbrar Members


María Pilotti
Civil Engineer.

Mariana Arruti
Bachelor of Anthropological Sciences, Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires.

Jorge Magallanes
Documentary producer. Production Assistant in “The prisoners of Bragado” and “1977, House assaulted”, produced by Fundación Alumbrar.

Investigation on film “Trelew the runaway that was massacre”

Cultural Journalism studies (Prof. María Moreno), Editing (Prof. Miguel Pérez), Production (Prof. Pablo Perel, Rojas Cultural Centre), Computerized Animation (Prof. G. Gioaninni, CYEVIC). Ceramics Technician (Fernando Arranz National School of Ceramics).

Foundation Members

Miguel Pérez
Film editor of documentaries and long feature film, artistic and educational short features, miniseries and advertisements.

Consultant for dramatic structure of several films. Script writer of the film “Hundan al Belgrano” by Federico Urioste; Director of “La República Perdida”, I and II and director of “Eva”, a documentary shot for television.

Professor of the ENERC , of the National University Institute of Art, in the Foundation of the Cinema University, in the University of Palermo and in the Centre of Cinematographic Research.

Seminars on Film editing and Dramatic Structure in Universities of Argentina, Valparaiso-Chile- and Cuba. Academic Secretary of the ENERC (2004-2007

María Pilotti
Film Production Studies in the Film University, documentary producer and Production Chief of the following documentaries: “The prisoners of Bragado”, “The strike of the loonies” and “Trelew”. Producer of “1977, House Assaulted”.

Miguel Angel Cannone
Film maker, professor in the University of Buenos Aires in the careers of Arts and Design of Image and Sound, and Director of the “Cinema Section” in the. Institute of Arts of the Spectacle of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires. Director of the Cinema, Audio and Video Department of the National Archives of the Nation.

Mariana Arruti
Film director and Bachelor of Anthropological Sciences (University of Buenos Aires); teaching and research at the University of Buenos Aires between 1996 and 1998; researcher in the area documentary film related to human rights and the recovery of historical memory.

Member of the Jury Award Competitions and Festivals. Among others:

VII Certamen Film and Video of Santa Fe; Festival Villa Gessell of UNCIPAR; Contest documentaries and scripts of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Chubut; Iberoamerican Contest II International Symposium on Human Rights in Latin America, “Images of Cinema Argentine and Latin American “; “DERHUMALC, Festival of Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: Video Contests / Discrimination INADI, INCA, and the Secretariat of Human Rights, the 2nd Festival of Audiovisual Arts de La Plata.; MARFICI: International Independent Film Festival of the Mar del Plata; BAFICI: International Independent Film Festival in the City of Buenos Aires, 8 International Film Festival of Sexual Themes. As a filmmaker:

Documentaries: 1995 “The So-called Prisoners of Bragado” : 2002 “The Strike of Loonies”; 2004 “Trelew, the escape that became massacre” Awards in

Marta Pérez Fontán
Civil and Hydraulic Engineer, specialized in Sanitation of watersheds resources, Loan managing for international organizations. Tiffany, lead, bronze and mosaics vitrail maker.

Bernardo Baraj
Musician. Saxophone and flute player and compositor and arranger of music Composition, arrangement and interpretation of original music for films. He played in remarkable popular music bands like Alma y Vida , El trio Vitale, Baraj, González. Winner of the ACE award ( Association of Entertainment Chroniclers) for the best original music for theatre (2007). Saxophone and flute Professor.

Pablo Vázquez
Documentary film maker, cameraman, assistant-director for documentaries.


Film Director: Mariana Arruti